Worthing Representatives in U14 Regionals.

Three Worthing boys played in the under 14 inter regions at Walsall last weekend. Jamie Bond, Mattie Smith and Henry Broadhurst were part of a squad of 11 that produced some excellent performances over the two days. The team was also coached by Ben Alcorn.

The South East region finished in a very creditable sixth place in what was a very tight competition. In the group phase the team drew with the North East 4-4 and lost to the West Midlands by the narrowest margin 3-4 and these two teams went on to meet in the final. The South East also beat Scotland and North West Ravens comfortably before losing the 5th/6th play off to the South West.

Jamie was the leading scorer for the region with 14 goals and was voted the teams MVP by the other coaches but Mattie and Henry also made really good contributions.

Squad photo: Jamie in the back row 3rd from the right, Mattie is in the front row on the left and Henry is the 2nd from the right. Ben is at the right hand end of the back row.


Sussex Success with Worthing Representatives. Match Reports.

Six Worthing boys and girls played in the Sussex under 14 team that won the Inter County event Sunday 12th November, winning all 4 matches.




Sussex entered the annual under 14 tournament and the following squad was selected to play; –

  1. Owen Street (G/K) Crawley/Mid Sussex

  2. Maddie Calthrop (G/K) Mid Sussex

  3. Zach Kingett, Crawley

  4. Lucy Bullock, Crawley

  5. Caitlin Silk, Worthing

  6. Grace Byford, Worthing

  7. Jamie Bond, Worthing

  8. Mattie Smith, Worthing

  9. Ruby Rosser, Worthing

  10. Henry Broadhurst, Worthing

Five teams entered this year and the competition was played on a “round robin” basis which would see Sussex play against Surrey, Kent, Essex and Middlesex.

The matches consisted of two 7 minute periods with the 30 second possession shot clock in operation. This would actually play into our hands because our high pressing game would often see the opposition running out of time before being able to create a worthwhile opportunity.

The individual match reports are as follows; –

  1. Sussex 6, Surrey 1 (Half time 3-0)

A satisfactory start to the competition and the win was based on a solid defensive display along with a quick counter attack that always caused Surrey problems. We dominated the game from the start and our only problem was the number of exclusions that we committed. Owen came up with some saves when it mattered including 1 from a penalty, but we always were on top and we actually missed a number of chances when we should have added to the scoring.

Scorers; – Jamie 3, Caitlin 1, Zach 1, Grace 1

Exclusions; – Jamie 2, Owen 1, Grace 1, Mattie 1

  1. Sussex 5, Kent 3 (Half time 2-1)

This looked on paper to be the toughest match and so it proved. Kent were well organised and possessed a number of talented players but our game plan didn’t really change and we soon started to dominate the game. We did actually fall behind early in the match but we were ahead at half-time and we led 5-1 with only a couple of minutes left. We conceded a couple of late goals but we were well worth the win.

Scorers; – Jamie 3, Caitlin 2

Exclusions; – None

  1. Sussex 8, Essex 1 (Half time 5-1)

This was a relatively easy win against a young but enthusiastic Essex team. We dominated from the start with Jamie scoring almost immediately from the swim off and he went on to monopolise the scoring. All of the squad played a part in the win and Essex really struggled to create many chances because of the high standard of the defending. Our counter attack had far too much speed and skill for the opposition and the final score reasonably reflected how well we had played.

Scorer; – Jamie 8

Exclusion; – Lucy

  1. Sussex 6, Middlesex 2 (Half time 1-1)

We realised that a win in our final match would secure the title and at the pre-match meeting we re-emphasised the tactics that had worked well for us. To be honest, we made a nervous start and Owen made a couple of excellent saves which helped settle the team and Grace scored a good goal on the counter attack to level the score just before the break.

The second half saw the squad start to take control and we eventually secured a relatively easy win.

We had played better in some of the other games but the squad produced what was required when it mattered.

Scorers; – Jamie 3, Caitlin 2, Grace 1.

Exclusions; – Lucy, Mattie, Zach

Overall this was an excellent result for Sussex water polo and all of the squad should take great credit for the way that they played. We were by far the best team at the competition and we played in a way that was well suited to the squad members. We also played with a squad that was made up of 5 boys and 5 girls which is unusual in this type of competition where the boys normally dominate.

Without doubt the squad contains a number of very talented individuals who definitely will go on to play at a very good standard if they continue to work hard.

Finally, the team were well supported by the large number of family members who came along to watch and I’m sure that they will have enjoyed the journey home after a really encouraging result.

Alastair Roberts (Coach)

Steve Bond (Assistant Coach)

Feature picture, back row L-R Zach Kingett, Jamie Bond (WSC), Owen Street, Caitlin Silk (WSC), Lucy Bullock, Maddie Calthrop

front row, Mattie Smith (WSC), Henry Broadhurst (WSC), Ruby Rosser (WSC), Grace Byford (WSC)