London League U14 Report

London Winter League Under 14 Championship.

Whitgift School

Sunday 17th December 2017

Having won the first two matches at the first round of the under 14 winter league championship, we were looking forward to this tournament which would decide if we qualified for the top four play offs that will be played next year.

The individual match reports are as follows; –

Worthing 12, Croydon 1.

This was a impressive win and Croydon never came to terms with our high tempo pressing game and the speed of our counter attack. Jamie and Josh were a constant threat in attack and between them they scored all 12 goals, but this was a really good squad performance and Owen actually made a number of good saves.

It was good to see the younger members of the squad beginning to make significant contributions and they will obviously continue to improve as a result of this experience.

Scorers; – Josh 7, Jamie 5

Exclusion; – Ruby

Worthging 8, Beckenham 6

The program for the event meant that we had to play the two four quarter matches with no break and this was always going to be hard work for our small squad.

This proved to be true but we still did enough to control this match and we were definitely the better side.

Josh and Jamie again dominated the scoring but Mattie also scored a really important goal. Once again, all of the squad played a good part in the win and the goal scorers benefited from some really good team play which created the chances.

Scorers; – Josh 4, Jamie 3, Mattie 1

Exclusion; – Josh 

Squad in full; – Owen Street (g/k), Mattie Smith, Ruby Rosser, Leon Taylor, Ethan Foxwell, Jamie Bond, Josh Luff, Grace Byford

Having won all four of the first phase matches we will now play in the final four play off round which will take place at the start of next year. We have good squad of players and it has been really encouraging to include a number of our younger players who will benefit greatly from having been involved. 


BWPL Phase 2 – Game 1

We have been back in action today playing the first match of the second phase of the British Water Polo League at Haberdashers School in Elstree.

The match report is as follows; –

Worthing 9, Croydon 9

Quarter scores; – 1-4, 2-2, 2-1, 4-2

Having played a number of close games in the first phase of this national league season when we regularly came from behind to either win or draw in the final seconds, we produced another nail biting display to secure a really hard won point.

The second phase of the season will see us play in Championship 2 which is made up of the bottom three clubs from division 2 along with the top 5 from division 3. We play all the teams once and the top 3 will compete in division 2 next season and if we can achieve this then we will have secured promotion.

The draw for the first weekend was tough for us as we have to play 2 of the 3 division 2 teams with the match against Croydon on the Saturday and West London Penguin on the Sunday.

We didn’t play that badly in the fist quarter of the game but we conceded a couple of soft goals and we missed a number of chances when we probably should have scored. The second period was similar, and we continued to create some good chances without taking enough of the opportunities.

At half time we changed tactics sensing that Croydon may tire and this immediately started to produce results and at the start of the final period we only trailed by 2.

It was obvious that the first goal in the fourth quarter would be crucial and we had chances to reduce the deficit to 1 goal but we missed when we really should have scored. Croydon took advantage and scored to stretch the lead to 8-5 but Ben came up with a great finish to make the score 8-6. We looked like we had the momentum but Croydon scored again to make the score 9-6 with just under 6 minutes left but amid a flurry of time outs and exclusions we staged another excellent comeback.

Joao scored to reduce the margin to 9-7 and Ben came up with another good finish to make the score 9-8. In a very exciting conclusion Croydon committed another exclusion foul and Joao came up with an excellent finish to tie the game at 9-9 with just over 1 minute left.

Our second half display was really pleasing and we took the game to Croydon which was responsible for the high number of exclusions (12) that they committed.

Overall we have to be happy with the draw but these games often come down to small margins and it would not have taken a great deal for us to have secured a win.

Scorers; – Ben 4, Joao 3, Richard 1, Toby 1.

Exclusions; – Joao 2, Toby 1, Alastair 1.

Squad in full; – Marc Guimera (g/k), Archy Burnell, Henry Elwell-Sutton, Richard Hooper, Ben Curtis, Joao Martins, Toby Underwood, Dave Hinder, Jacob Nash, Akos Hausknecht & Alastair Hardinge.