First competitive fixture in 16 months!

A Worthing Swimming Club water polo team played a competitive fixture for the first time in 16 months when an under 16 squad made the journey to the Basingstoke Aquadrome.

L-R: Henry Broadhurst, Tumay Evcimen, Felix Monaghan, Joe Boot, Luke Heaton, Ruby Rosser, Joey Taylor, Lillie Standen, Archie Moon, Max Cooper

We were actually missing a number of players due to a variety of reasons but the squad of ten all contributed to what was a very satisfactory all round performance that resulted in a comfortable win.

After the long lay off fitness levels looked better than we might have expected and all of the squad looked to have improved after the recent round of training sessions.

We had a very productive pre-match meeting where we discussed how the team would play and all of the squad took on board what we wanted to do throughout the game and we proved to strong and well organised than a spirited Basingstoke team

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