Update during lockdown 2

It has been an unbelievably challenging year for all of the water polo players at Worthing swimming club and now with another closure of our home pool at Splashpoint, we have returned to running on-line fitness sessions.

Back in March at the time of the first lock down we were quick to organise fitness sessions, and we were lucky that as soon as the original restrictions were slightly relaxed, we were able to start training in the sea. It was a touch chilly to start with, but as the sunny summer weather arrived we were able to train regularly, often in front of a curious audience of holiday makers.

When the outdoor pools were allowed to open we ran sessions at the excellent and hugely picturesque Arundel Lido, and all of the squad were delighted to be back in more familiar surroundings. At the end of the summer, and before Splashpoint re-opened, we moved to the relatively new pool at Windlesham House school and all of the squad continued to work hard on maintaining and improving their fitness.

Finally, we were back at Splashpoint in September and all of the sessions for juniors and seniors we were well attended and the coaches were delighted with the progress that was being made. We hope to be back at the beginning of December but we will have to see how the situation develops in the coming days and weeks.

Finally, it is good to see that LEN (The European governing body for all aquatic disciplines) have just released the 2021 calendar which includes the dates of all of the proposed water polo events. Obviously everything is very much on a provisional basis at the moment but everyone is very much hoping that all of the planned championships and qualifying tournaments will take place.

Click to access Provisional-Calendar-LEN-Events-2021_07092020.pdf

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