London Winter League Under 14 Championship

Sunday 26th January 2020
Queen Elizabeth’s School Barnet

Our young junior team made the long trip to Barnet on Sunday afternoon to play the first of two “final five” play off tournaments that will decide final places in the competition.

We decided to take a squad of 10 players to the event which was as follows:
1. Felix Monaghan (g/k)
2. Max Cooper
3. Joe Boot
4. Tumay Evcimen
5. Luke Heaton
6. Ethan Foxwell
7. Henry Broadhurst
8. Maty Skoda
9. Archie Moon
10. Ethan Lecuyer

(L-R) Maty, Ethan F, Archie, Joe, Felix, Max, Henry Elwell Sutton, Tumay, Ethan L, Luke & Henry

The individual match reports are as follows:

Match 1. Worthing 13, Chelmsford 0 (H/T 7-0)

A dominant display with the opposition really struggling to deal with our high pressing game that over-turned possession and created counter-attacks on many occasions. 
All of the squad played a part in this easy win but it was obvious that we would face tougher matches later in the day.
Scorers; – Luke 4, Tumay 2, Ethan L 2, Maty 2, Max 1, Joe 1, Ethan F 1.

Match 2. Worthing 2, Watford 1 (H/T 1-0)

A much tougher game against a well organised opposition who stuck to a simple set of tactics that frustrated us for long periods. We always looked the better team but we struggled to create enough clear chances to make the game safe. Our defending was very well organised and the relatively late Watford goal was the only one we conceded in the four matches.
Scorers; – Ethan F 2.

Match 3. Worthing 2, Beckenham 0 (H/T 0-0)

Another tough game but our defence dominated and eventually we created the chances in the second half the secured the win. Once again we kept a clean sheet with Felix making saves on the odd occasion that Beckenham created a chance, but we were well worth the win.
Scorers; – Max 1, Henry 1.

Match 4. Worthing 12, Chelmsford 0 (H/T 5-0)

Almost a carbon copy of the first match against Chelmsford where we totally dominated the opposition who could not come to terms with our counter attacking game plan. All of the squad put in good individual performances and it was nice to finish off the day with such a dominant performance.
Scorers; – Archie 4, Henry 2, Luke 2, Maty 2, Max 1, Ethan F 1.

This was an excellent event for our young junior team and we look forward to the final tournament in a month’s time that will decide the overall places. All of the squad will have benefited from playing these matches and a special vote of thanks should go to senior player Henry Elwell-Sutton who coached the team enthusiastically throughout the afternoon.

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