BWPL Phase 2, 11-12 Jan 2020

Mens Championship 2

G1 Leisure Center, Glouster

We traveled to Gloucester for the first two matches of the second phase of the national league campaign with a squad that was missing a number of players but included Ilias Tzeraisi making his debut and saw the return to the team of Vytas Liubertas.

The individual match reports are as follows

Saturday 11, 1800
Worthing 9, Manchester Hawks 10
Quarter scores: 0-4, 3-4, 3-2, 3-0

This was a really disappointing performance and the game was lost in the first few minutes which resulted in us trailing 0-5 early in the second quarter.
It was hard to pin point exactly what had gone wrong but it is never easy to come back from a five goal deficit and although we improved in the second half of the match we had left ourselves too much to do.
All of the squad realised that we had under-performed both individually and collectively and although we battled hard to the end we could have no complaints about the result.

Scorers: George 2, Joe 2, Sam 1, Vytas 1, Ben 1, Matt 1, Elliot 1.
Exclusions: Joao 3, Ilias 3, Sam 1, George 1, Vytas 1, Matt 1, Toby 1, Joe 1, Elliot 1

Sunday 12, 1415
Worthing 13, Birmingham 7
Quarter scores: 6-1, 1-0, 4-3, 2-3

Birmingham had beaten Manchester Hawks on the Saturday and as a result we knew that we would be in for a tough game and all of the squad knew how important it was to put the Saturday result behind us.
In seemingly a complete reverse of what took place in the Saturday match, we made a dominant start to the game and the combination of our pressing defence and counter attack resulted in a 6-1 lead at the end of the first quarter.
From this point we managed the game well and although we probably picked up too many exclusions, we were always in control.
This was a good win against a well organised and physical Birmingham team but we very much deserved to win after such a good start to the match.

Scorers: Ilias 3, Joe 3, Jamie 2, Joao 2, George 2, Matt 1.
Exclusions: George 3, Vytas 3, Ilias 3, Sam 2, Matt 2, Toby 2, Joe 1

It was very disappointing to lose the match on that Saturday but the team “bounced back” really well on Sunday and put in a very dominant display. 

The next round of matches take place at Marlborough in a months time and this will be a key weekend in deciding the final positions in the league.

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