BWPL Week 3 Match Reports

The following is the report of the BWPL weekend at Matlock:-
We travelled to Matlock in the Derbyshire peak district for the third weekend of the 2018-2019 national league campaign which would see us complete our first phase of the competition with matches against Manchester Hawks and Castleford.

A record of 4 wins with only 1 defeat had already secured a top 5 finish in the first phase and as result we knew before the games inMatlock that we were safe in division 3 for next season and we would have a chance to be promoted when the second part of the season starts in January.

Once again, we took a full squad of 13 which always offers us the chance to play at a high tempo with rested players always ready to come and in and make a contribution from the bench.

The individual match reports are as follows; –

Saturday 17.15

Worthing 14, Manchester Hawks 8

Quarter scores; – 3-3, 3-1, 4-3, 4-1

The Manchester Hawks team is combination of experienced players along with a large number of talented juniors, all who are involved with the national squads at various age groups.

We knew that this would be a very tough game against a team that is based on a very well organised counter attack and it was essential that we dealt with this to limit the oppositions options in attack.

We had a game plan that worked really well and as a result it was our counter attack, particularly from Joe who scored 6, that was the dominant factor in the outcome of the match.

All of the squad made good contributions and it was good to see Elliot score his first national league goal with an excellent back hand shot that gave the Manchester goal keeper no chance. The only real concern was the number of exclusions that we were judged to have committed but our excellent defending backed up by Marc’s goalkeeping meant that Manchester failed to capitalise on many of the opportunities.

Overall this was a very good win when tactically we controlled the game throughout

Scorers; – Joe 6, Vytas 4, Elliot 1, Matt 1, Joao1, James 1

Exclusions; – Elliot 2, Sam 2, Joe 2, Jacob 2, James 2, Richard 1, Ben 1, Matt 1, Joao 1, Akos 1, Toby 1.

Sunday 12.15

Worthing 12, Castleford 9

Quarter scores; –

This was a difficult match against a team who play a type of water polo that you don’t often see in the modern game. They do however possess players who have the ability to make life very difficult for any team that is not well prepared and we worked hard to play our game but this proved difficult at times.

We played really well in the first quarter and raced to a 6-1 lead and we really should have controlled the game thereafter. Unfortunately at times we fell into the trap of playing the type of game that suited the opposition and we made some key mistakes when we really should have made the final result a formality.

That said, this was another good win which we very much deserved.

Scorers; – Matt 3, Joao 3, Vytas 2, Richard 1, James 1, Jacob 1, Ben 1

Exclusions; – Joe 3, Ben 2, Elliot 1, Joao 1, Vytas 1

Squad in full;- Marc Guimera (G/K), Elliot Hurst, Sam Cooper, Richard Hooper, Ben Curtis, JoaoMartins, Vytas Liubertas, Joe Hazeldine, Jacob Nash, Toby Underwood, Matt White, AkosHausknecht & James Poole.

Overall this was another excellent weekend for the team and the two wins means that we have finished top of division 3 after the first part of the season.

We now look forward to the second phase of the campaign which starts in January and we will play another 7 matches that will give us the opportunity of promotion to division 2. This will be a very tough proposition but all of the squad are looking forward to the challenge.


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