Old or New?!? Greatest 7 To Date??


In with the old and out with the new? Or vise versa? Worthing Water Polo are embarking on an age old tradition possibly more suited to debates in football or rugby and definitely discussed in various watering holes, pubs and canteens all over the country. Well, this time it may not be the greatest England Football 11, or an all time rugby world cup 15. Many would argue that it’s not even the best Brighton and Hove Albion 11, but it’s our team and we love it, so we’re accepting all nominations for our Greatest Worthing Water Polo 7, to date…!


It is very important that we add the “to date” as the club is and has always churned out a number of high quality youngsters, year after year, that progress and develop into excellent players. As a result you could almost see this Greatest 7 as a starting point for future Greatest 7’s, should there be any!?

There is no doubt that Worthing has been blessed with a number of excellent players. Some have vanished into folk law and mythology, whilst others still walk the halls of Splashpoint today. Others can be found spectating at Worthing matches, recognised by some of the older players that may have been privileged to play along side them.

CRITERIA?? There’s a number of distinguishing factors to take into account when selecting such an imaginary yet special squad of players. Longevity is one factor that must be considered, but not in solitary. In fact it could be true to say that no influencing factor should be used on its own, but considered in conjunction with others. For example, longevity, standard played, accomplishments, silverware, influence and plain and simply, how good they were!

We hope to get loads of input on this from players and fans, young and old and come up with a great 7 of the ages.

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